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Red Wine Aerator Review

How much do you appreciate the wine you drink? There is no doubt that some of us prefer red wine to white, and many people like the idea of using an aerator to get the most out of their red wine. To this end a red wine aerator review seems to be a good idea, to help you enjoy the best possible glass of red wine you can.

Don’t aerators work for all types of wines?

Some do, but there are aerators on the market today that are specifically designed to help bring out all the flavors and elements of red wine. Most people recognize that red and white wines are very different from one another, with red wine being more full bodied and heavier in tone than white wine.

To this end you can see that an aerator that is designed purely for red wine will produce better results when the wine is poured through it than a general design for aerating wine would. If you are looking to buy an aerator for your red wine, it will benefit you to read a red wine aerator review or two before you decide which specific model to buy.

Okay so how does a red wine aerator work?

It’s worth knowing that this kind of aerator works the same as any other in principle. The idea is that wine tastes better when it has been exposed to the air. But it’s no good simply pouring it into a glass and leaving it for a while, or worse, uncorking a bottle and hoping that it will aerate through the tiny neck you’ve left open!

An aerator will allow the red wine to be fully aerated and that will in turn bring out the best flavors in the wine. In addition to this, red wine has lots of tannins in it. By using a red wine aerator you can safely ensure that the tannins are more muted than they would be otherwise in the finished product. Quite often you will read a red wine aerator review pointing out that red wines are often more appealing when they have been aerated. This is partly because they are softer and have a better flavor.

Could I get away without having a red wine aerator?

You could, but once you have used one once you won’t want to go back to drinking red wine that has not been aerated. The taste and appeal of properly aerated red wine is second to none. This is why it is worth finding an aerator that is purely designed to get the most out of red wine. The heavier flavor and full bodied taste deserves something that has been specially made for it. While a regular aerator would be good, there is no doubt that a red wine model will get the absolute best out of your red wine.

Wine Aerator Review

So now you know that reading a red wine aerator review is a good idea – and a pointer to some of the best aerators on the market today.